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Who We Are

Franchising law is a niche area of legal practice. Greyson Legal are leading franchise lawyers with a focus specifically on providing franchising legal services for participants in the franchise industry, start ups and those seeking to use franchising as a model for business growth.

Over the years we have:

  • advised and assisted numerous clients in relation to franchising across a diverse range of industry sectors and various locations within Australia

  • helped clients with the acquisition or sale of franchised businesses connected with many well known brands

  • assisted existing business owners to adopt the franchising model as a business growth strategy

  • guided entrepreneurs in the use of franchising to expand their concept in the marketplace

  • represented clients in relation to franchise dispute resolution

  • provided advice on other legal matters related to franchising, such as:- leasing, licensing, intellectual property, real property, contracts law, etc

  • reviewed, prepared and advised on Franchise Agreements, Disclosure Documents and ancillary franchise documentation; and

  • advised on compliance with the Franchising Code of Conduct and related regulatory matters

At Greyson Legal we can assist with allyour franchise law needs

Our Franchise Law

Practice Areas

  • Franchisor Legal Services

    • Developing a Franchise System 

  • Buying a Franchise

    • Buying a Franchise Re-Sale

    • Buying a Greenfield Franchise

      • Checklist for Buying a Franchise

  • Selling a Franchise

  • Franchise Agreements

  • Disclosure Documents

  • Franchising Code of Conduct

  • Franchising Disputes

  • Other Franchising considerations:

    • What is Franchising

    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising

    • Employees in a Franchising Context

    • Franchise Training

    • Franchising Articles & Tips

Who Are You

Franchising is a popular business model that has been adopted across various industries in Australia. Greyson Legal are experts in franchising law.

If you are looking to expand your existing business or have a unique concept to bring to the market - franchising can be a system that you can utilise to increase business growth or facilitate market penetration of your products or services.

We have assisted a number of clients:

  • establish, develop and  implement their franchise systems; 

  • deal with legal issues as they arise as part of managing the franchise network; and

  • ongoing legal compliance. 

Buying a franchise is an attractive avenue for those people seeking to work for themselves but with the backing of an established brand and system of business operation.

As with any business there are risks. Buying into a franchise network has its own unique factors to consider. It is important you obtain legal advice from franchise lawyers, such as, Greyson Legal  before you enter into a franchise agreement.

Selling a franchise also has a unique set of issues to deal with, including ensuring the process detailed in your franchise agreement and legislation is complied with. 

Franchising and IP

Intellectual Property forms an important element of the Franchise model. This is because the Franchisor (or an associated entity, sometimes called a "Licensor") will own:

  • one or more registered trademarks; 

  • copyrighted material; and

  • other IP rights.

Through the Franchise Agreement, the Franchisor will grant its Franchisees a licence to use those trademarks and copyright in relation to the Franchise Business being operated by the Franchisee. Other forms of intellectual property, such as, trade secrets are also a key part of the Franchise model, as the Franchisor will grant the Franchisee access to various processes and procedures, often summarised in a Franchise Operations Manual. 

The Franchise Agreement will include certain confidentiality and restraint obligations on the Franchisee not to use IP other than for authorised purposes.

Greyson Legal are experienced Franchise and IP lawyers. Contact us for details on how we can help you.