Community Engagement 

Geryson Legal have in the past and currently participate in:

  • providing pro bono legal services to people either unable to afford a lawyer or whom just need some initial guidance on a legal problem; and

  • sponsoring or promoting community projects, organisations and institutions:

Greyson Legal is currently sponsoring the production of a drama/comedy web series called "Time & Place", written & directed by Tam Sainsbury.

We are proud to be part of a project that also promotes the local Caloundra, Golden Beach and Sunshine Coast region.

Tam has previously been involved in writing, producing and directing a number of feature film projects with well known actors.

More information on Tam Sainsbury is available at 

Legal Access Services gives people an avenue to seek free legal advice.

Greyson Legal are proud to be providing pro bono legal advice as the Queensland panel member for Legal Access Services.

Greyson Legal have also provided sponsorship to the following organisations and institutions:

Sandgate State School


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